The Okanagan Housing Awards hold a distinguished position as a mark of excellence within the realm of home design and renovation. As a testament to our commitment to quality, we are delighted to announce our status as a finalist in the category of Excellence in Kitchen Renovations Under $100,000. Additionally, we proudly received a silver award for the innovative and thoughtful design that characterized our kitchen renovation project.

Sandmor Construction’s Home Renovation Approach 

Our approach to the kitchen renovation was centred on maximizing the potential of the existing space and architectural features while fostering a comforting ambiance. Through meticulous attention to detail and optimal space utilization, we crafted a space that seamlessly integrates with the home, offering a continuation of its originality.

A pivotal element contributing to the success of the renovation was the expansion of the island, now accommodating five seats and serving as a central hub for social interaction. The removal of a wall between the dining room and the kitchen redefined the space, promoting seamless communication and movement within the kitchen. The decision to choose induction over an overhead hood fan was made to enhance the chef’s role as the focal point.

Where Functionality Meets Aesthetic

Our commitment to functionality and inviting aesthetics is underscored by the integration of high-end, energy-efficient appliances from Fisher & Paykel and Bosch. The custom-designed tall cabinet wall optimizes storage while maintaining a sleek, open feel. Open shelving with Melamine Tafisa in Cannes with tan Riviera Oak accents adds warmth and character, adapting flawlessly to the unique dimensions of the wall. The striking contrast of Melamine and gold accents complements the local custom Canadian cabinetry.

Aesthetic depth and texture are introduced through the Cloudburst Concrete countertops, featuring cream-based concrete with subtle pure white quartz movement. Modern Metal Hardware Pulls in Champagne Bronze to refresh the kitchen’s appearance, adding a modern yet classic touch.

Professional, Experienced & Reputable: Sandmor Construction 

Sandmor Construction’s kitchen renovation stands as a testament to our dedication to maximizing existing spaces and architectural features, fostering comfort, and promoting a healthy lifestyle. The acknowledgment as a finalist for the Okanagan Housing Awards and the reception of a silver award further validates the innovative and thoughtful design that defines our work. Are you thinking about renovating your kitchen or home? Trust in Sandmor Constructions’ reputable home renovation services for your next project. Contact us today.