Adaptiv Home Renovations

Enhancing home building by prioritizing safety, security, user-friendliness, comfort, accessibility, and occupant well-being, while also integrating valuable building knowledge.

Canadian homes generally are not designed and built with accessibility in mind. As the needs of the occupants change due to health conditions, it is critical to offer services to reduce the chance of injury within the home and to be able to stay in the home if designed for future use needs. With a Adaptiv Home Renovation contractor, we can help you make your house and home again, that you feel comfortable and safe.

Home modifications for accessibility must be tailored to the individual’s unique needs and consider the progression of their condition. This approach ensures that the renovations remain effective over time.

Adaptiv Home Renovation certification helps professionals support homeowners in living safely and comfortably at home, regardless of age or circumstance. Please see examples below:


  • For those needing home modifications for accessibility and require individual and specific renovations tailored to their condition.
  • Make previsions in a new home by ensuring you have a plug outlet at the top and bottom of stairs for future chair lift.

Plan for the Future

  • When doing renovations we plan for the future as the possibility for progression of the condition may require modifications.
  • Oven at height for wheelchair and/or no bending

Light Your Way

  • Light stairway for better visibility
  • Exterior lighting for security
  • Motion switches 
  • Night lights

Designing for accessibility means different things for different disabilities. Therefore, adding general accessibility requirements may not only impact affordability but may be counterproductive. CSA Standards and Guidelines: The National Standard for the construction and renovation of affordable, adaptable and accessible homes. The standard is CSA B652 Accessible Dwellings. This standard is not yet part of all municipality building codes but should be used when possible in any new home or renovation. 

Is your home built with accessibility in mind? If not, call Sandmor Construction for more information. 


Sandmor Construction is Adaptiv Home Renovation Certified!

Enhance Your Home With An Adaptiv Renovation

  • Accessible
  • Safe
  • Comfortable 
  • Increase Home Value
  • Pride In Workmanship