An ideal vision for homeowners: A residence with a promising future! Elevate your property’s real estate worth and enhance the overall safety for your entire family. SAFERhomes Certified includes wider doorways and hallways, meeting the needs of a large group of buyers, opens up the space for better movement and flow; and designed to adapt with changing needs. 

Building a SAFERhome offers numerous advantages:

  1. **Improved Accessibility**: SAFERhomes are designed to accommodate individuals with mobility challenges, making it easier for people of all ages and abilities to navigate the living space.
  1. **Aesthetic Appeal**: Features such as wider doorways, hallways, and stairs create a sense of open space, enhancing the overall esthetic appeal and real estate value of the home.
  1. **Adaptability**: SAFERhomes are designed to adapt to changing needs, ensuring that the living environment remains functional and comfortable over time. 
  1. **Increased Real Estate Value**: By meeting the needs of a wide buyer group and offering a stylish and liveable environment for all individuals, SAFERhomes are likely to have higher real estate value.
  1. **Aging in Place**: SAFERhomes are equipped to age with the occupants, allowing them to stay in their own home and community for as long as they choose. This reduces the need for costly renovations and the potential of moving to a care home due to changing health needs.
  1. **Multi-Generational Living**: SAFERhomes provide the comfort of knowing that older and younger family members are taken care of, enhancing family relationships, and bringing generations together. These benefits make building a SAFERhome a compelling choice for individuals and families looking for a comfortable, adaptable, and inclusive living environment.

Examples of SAFERhomes:

Diagram showing dimensions of SAFERhome hallway width

Doorways and Hallways

  • Wider doorways and hallways to accommodate all needs of a wide variety of people, including those using scooters, walkers, and baby carriages
  • Doorway and hallway widths are more than standard which aesthetically contributes to open concept living

SAFERhomes Standard

Build A SAFERhome with Sandmor Construction


Sandmor Construction is SAFERhome Standards & Adaptiv Home Certified