SAFERhome Standards

An ideal option for all homeowners. Build your true forever home!

SAFERhome Standards are based on the principles of universal design, and create a home that is more intuitive, safer, and easier to live in for everyone in the family regardless of their age or abilities. Wider doorways, hallways and stairs add elegance and improve the flow of a home’s design. SAFERhomes are more ergonomically designed making them more functional and easier to live in for everyone in the home.

What a difference it makes to have a home that can anticipate your families needs as they change, and is ready to adapt throughout your lifetime, allowing you to stay in the home you love and the community you thrive in for as long as you choose, without the need for costly future renovations to do so.

SAFERhome Standards. Simple. Affordable. Common Sense.

Building a SAFERhome offers numerous advantages:

** More Inclusive** SAFERhomes are designed to work for everyone regardless of their age, or varying physical challenges.

**Aesthetic Appeal** Features such as wider doorways, hallways and stairs create better flow enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the home.

**Ready to Adapt** SAFERhomes are designed to be able to adapt as your needs change, ensuring that your home remains both comfortable and functional as you age.

**Increased Real Estate Value** SAFERhomes increase the intrinsic value of the home as they meet the needs of the largest buyer group while offering a stylish and more livable environment for all people, no matter what age, or walk of life.

**Aging in Place** Nobody wants to be forced to move from their homes simply because they are getting older. SAFERhomes are designed to be able to adapt right along with you as you age, and in most cases, without the need for costly future renovations to do so.

** Multi-Generational Living** SAFERhomes work better for everyone at every age and stage of life, bringing all generations of families together seamlessly. SAFERhomes turn houses into homes.
SAFERhomes also create better communities by bringing families and friends together, as they not only support the home’s occupants, but also allow anyone to visit the home regardless of ability or mobility challenges.

All homes built to SAFERhome Standards are independently inspected and certified protecting consumers.

It only costs slightly more to build a home to SAFERhome Standards, but the benefits last a lifetime.

To learn more about SAFERhome Standards, you can visit their website here:
SAFERhome Standards Society

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Sandmor Construction is SAFERhome Standards Certified Adaptiv Home Certified